The Commish

Reading some of the other memories about being a big Garnets booster or not being so handy with tools rings a bell, but it turns out Eric was also a consummate pro as a lifetime public servant. After decades away from Rye, I got to reconnect with Gail and Eric at 67 reunion several years ago. When I found out Eric had spent most of his career working for Westchester County (including as Transportation Commissioner) we had fun catching up - since I’ve worked the last 3 decades helping to make communities better. A few months later, when my team was pursuing the Tappan Zee Bridge planning, I asked Eric to join our team as a local expert. We didn’t win the project, but I got to learn more about what he had accomplished for the County, and the respect he had earned from his peers. Rest In Peace, Eric, and Go Garnets!

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